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on ESSENCE: Vast Beauty: Celebrate The Diversity Within Our Diversity
delphine diallo
Apr 2, 2019
New Editorial work for @essence. The way our features command attention and our skin radiate a spectrum of hues makes it impossible for us to fit into society s narrow scope of physical attractiveness. We are together.... if we collaborate, support each other’s, we are invincible. A beautiful Unit staking form for the most beautiful evolution of social change. I stay deeply involved in understanding the many aspects of our diversity and why its a necessity for consciousness to grow.

Photo Assistant: @bainstevens 
Talents: @diandraforrest , @the_yvesdropper, @kokeadile, @queennyakimofficial, @mamacaxx, @yvesmark.chery 🌎❤️🌎❤️🌎
Art Direction: @inrashidasworld
Makeup: @jaleesajaikaran 
Hair: @lovemiyako 
Manicure: @pipbuzzz 
Stylist: @stylemonsterr.

 Vast Beauty: Celebrate The Diversity Within Our Diversity
Just as the dimensions of our Blackness are limitless, these notables demonstrate the many iterations of our beauty.

Delphine Diallo

Delphine Diallo is a Brooklyn-based French and Senegalese visual artist and photographer.
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